Latest dilemma: update Facebook pics & the IRS

Let’s stick to the issue with updating Facebook pics. Adding any pics of us as a family makes it feel so real – and us, old! I should do it, though. In honor of you, baby grrl. 

What else: Jasper’s at daycare. Spent the last two nights at the Farmington home. We need to decide where we’re going to live in about five months, soon. 

Overall, minus needing to get finances in order, all seems to be going well. Now, to sort through / organize finances. I should learn how …

1 week laterĀ 

Puja for baby girl yesterday! Turned into somewhat of a baby shower, as well. The girls helped to facilitate a couple games & decorated with balloons, that mom brought too.

Baby girl is being born into a loving family. We are lucky.

Recovering today from an eventful weekend (Childbrith class & bachelorette party too). Currently, I am loving Mondays. Too. 

Here’s an article I just found:


Adding it to the ther blog too. 

Day 10-ish

Trying to copy/paste a link here – doesn’t seem to be working.

Anyway, the link is suppose to be about the Pope advocating for breastfeeding in public. Amen.

In other news, my attempt to be productive:

a pic of sitting next to the fire(place) here

Day 6

It was a relief to find out that baby girl doesn’t have kidney issues. The latest ultrasound looked good, and she’s/you’re right on target.

Glad husband is back from traveling and mom and I went through baby stuff to see what, if anything more, we need.

All is well, for now. Minus slight concern that baby is in the 17th percentile for weight category. However, doc says not to worry about it. Until next time.

Day 5

Yesterday, brother and I went to an ultrasound to find out baby’s kidneys are just fine. She’s grown so much! Will have to post a few ultrasound pics.

Mom decided to stop by with dinner (such a sweet lady when she wants to be ;)). It was the first time in awhile that mom & I spent time together, with just the two of us. It was fun. We’ll see if that happens more often.

Day 3 & 4

Yesterday flew by since it was ‘little’ brother’s birthday. 

Baby did well. Managed to take care of Jasper (well, drop off to daycare) and spend time with parental units. Picked couch fabric. Woohoo!.

Jasper got antsy towards the evening, so went back to the apt. early. The End.

Day 1 & 2

In an attempt to publish at least one post everyday of this year, I failed to do so, already. 

In summary, New Year’s 2016->2017 was spent with my brother and friends. Husband and baby included too. It was fun. Food, delicious. 

Baby girl continues to kick, especially after meals. She’s growing quickly and taking up enough room leading me to believe she may be here sooner than expected! About six and a half weeks to go. Crazy!